Happy To Grow

BACDYS and team with the support of Citizens Committee New York City came up with a project that will not only help promote organic gardening in every household in our community but it will also help you, to live a healthier life in an environment, greener than ever. We proudly call this project “HAPPY TO GROW”!
This project will promote healthy eating habits and a greener community by growing organic plants/vegetables by our volunteer groups. The senior volunteers will educate the youths through series of practical workshops on planting and growing organic vegetables in our community garden. Besides, teaching how to plant and grow vegetables it will also teach them how to take good care of the plants. The involvement of two generations will help, keep up the organic gardening in the future. The seniors will be constantly practicing their gardening skills as they start to teach the youths. On the other hand, the youths will be learning a new skill (gardening), which will be forever useful to them.


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